Radio Clash Live is a music station with a mashup philosophy – a collaborative affair across several continents mixing genres, formats, talk, music, styles and moods it’s a new 24/7 internet radio station. Featuring exclusive mixes, podcasts and shows from the legends that are The Kleptones, Soundhog, Instamatic (Radio Clash), Solcofn, Ian Fondue (Fondue Meltdown, The Lloydbrary), Joel Crookes (Notre Jam), Defunkto, DJ Frogg and Jeb Edwards aka DJ 50 Pound Note to name just a few! Check out the schedule page and see if you like anything, and tune in, turn on and mash out!

And don’t forget the live shows – Tim (Instamatic/Radio Clash Podcast) has a live or exclusive broadcast every Wednesday 22:00, repeated on 3am Saturday.