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RIP Essexboy & Bastard! show tonight 9pm

In honour of Grant Essexboy (RIP), podcaster and bootlegger extraordinaire, there’s a show tonight on Radio Clash at 9pm-00:30 BST called Bastard! Many bootleg memories, some of his bootlegs too, no talk just many bastard pop gems and a classic Superchunk from soundHog. Complete retro nostalgia of the early mashup scene (pre 2005) but given the situation (Grant was one of the bootleggers and DJs part of GYBO and regular at the Bastard club) it seems appropriate, amd maybe some of you will learn some mashup history! šŸ˜‰

It’s A Fine Day…

People Fall From Windows, But Just for A Small While….la la la la.

Obtuse reason for that singalong is that Radio Clash Live has been upgraded to Airtime 2.4 which supports the new Opus codec…so I’ve changed the low quality stream to that format for a trial. Give it a spinamazing quality for only 64kbs stereo. Opus is also open source, works well with speech and music and internet telephony, and to my mind is the future (and also now a standard). With MP3 getting a little long in the tooth and not great for low quality, OGG never really taking off because it wasn’t different enough, AAC becoming the high-end radio of choice being the next DAB after frankly neolithic current MPEG2 but not that great at lower rates, and needing licenses, I can see Opus really cleaning up in the low-mid quality streaming sphere.

That link will work in Firefox (15 and above) and also VLC including Android beta, and apparently supported in Rockbox, HD Player IOS, GStreamer, ffmpeg, Winamp with a third party DLL, and sounds like Chrome and Opera soon to be next as they have partial support at the moment. Can’t see how Apple can claim to try and take over internet radio with iRadio without Opus support, unless it’s actually just another Pandora/Spotify clone…

Beastles is Back!


DROOOOOOOOOOOP! That’s the sound of the Beastles arriving, well probably with that THX style chord from The End mixed in…dj BC has released ‘Ill Submarine’ and mighty fine it is too. Downloady here, and also on Soundcloud (and also proud for Radio Clash to help mirror it – I like thumbing my nose at those Blue Meanies EMI because they C&D’d me back in the day…nyah nyah *raspberry*!)

These are my favourites:

OK a good sign of a mashup if it makes me smile. ‘Do You Want To Know A Secret?’ (which was already a silly song, sorry Beatles fans, it is – dunno why Lennon had a go at Macca’s ‘Granny Music’ when he penned that), pervy ST:NG and Red Dwarf samples and Intergalactic? *g*

Good intro to the album, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ always a ready made intro, with ‘No Sleep…’ certainly as I was scheduling the early morn on Radio Clash Live this was the most appropriate intro at 6am on Beastles Day. I’m guessing people might make it their alarm clock music….

Flying is strangely one of my favourite Beatles tracks, and it was written by Ringo! Early Moog-age too. Love this Macca sampling track, which chilled and eclectic wouldn’t be out of place on Paul’s Boutique…

Great tribute to MCA that ends the album, Don’t Let Me Down with some very laid back rapping…elsewhere on the album MCA says ‘I’m back from the dead!’ which even as a non-Beasties fan (it’s why I could ‘t tell you all of the Beasties tracks here), well it pulled me up sharp.

Sunday 9th is Beastles Day! Exclusive mixes from djBC & Ian Fondue


With dj BC’s new Beastles album ‘Ill Submarine’ about to drop, he’s done an exclusive preview mix for Radio Clash Live which will be aired at 9pm British Summer TimeĀ  on Sunday – in fact I’ve declared Sunday 9th to be Beastles Day on RCL – there’s a special exclusive Beatles mix from Ian Fondue at 10pm (BST), and loads of Beatles related podcasts, mashups, remixes and tunes all day from 6am on Radio Clash Live including the 7 Radio Clash Beatles podcasts in sequence from 8am BST, and special Beatles/Beastles cover and mashup/remix Mix @ 6 shows atĀ  6am andĀ  6pm BST.

And of course exclusive previews of ‘Ill Submarine’ throughout the day! I just hope EMI isn’t listening…

Here’s the tracklist for the djBC mix:

  • djBC – No Sleep Til The Sun
  • djBC – Mother Nature’s Rump
  • djBC – Drive My Car Thief
  • djBC – Bellymovin
  • djBC – Hide A Little Something Away
  • djBC – Tripper Trouble
  • djBC – Move Prudence
  • djBC – I Feel Fine Right Now (Extended)
  • djBC – Glasses From The Night Before
  • djBC – Let It Beast
  • djBC – Flying In The Cut
  • djBC – Anna’s MCs
  • djBC – Don’t Let MCA Down
  • EDIT: You can now hear this mix on the Radio Clash Live Soundcloud!

And here’s the tracklist for the Ian Fondue mix of Beatles covers, which is part of a new series ‘Done to Death’ which will feature in future on Sunday nights on RCL in this very slot!

  • Junior Parker – Tomorrow never knows
  • The Brothers Johnson – Come together
  • The Free Design – Eleanor Rigby
  • The 5th Dimension – Ticket to ride
  • Ramsey Lewis – Day tripper
  • The Vibrations – And I love her
  • The 5 Stairsteps – Dear Prudence
  • Joe Goldmark – Penny Lane
  • Big Daddy – getting better
  • Easy Star Allstars ft Frankie Paul – Lucy in the sky with diamonds
  • Yellow Dubmarine – Something
  • Men About Town – Norweigan wood
  • Harvey Averne – I feel fine
  • Stevie Wonder – We can work it out
  • Mary Wells – Please please me
  • David Porter – Help
  • Black Heat – Drive my car
  • The Punkles – Hey Jude

Listen via the player above or via the Listen page.

EDIT: That was great – 400 of you popped by and listened – thanks! We got Boing Boinged –Ā  thanks Cory – and as a thank you here’s the exclusive dj BC mix, where you can hear some of the new Beastles tracks!