Radio Clash Live YouTube Channel Needs YOU!

Planning to experiment again with video & live streaming, and to that affect have setup a fresh YouTube channel for Radio Clash Live. Problem is, I need 100 subscribers apparently before live streaming is enabled on the account. So please if you want to help out (I never ask anything usually!) please go to the channel and click subscribe. Planning some cool stuff with Liquidsoap, as apparently it can stream out to GStreamer so should be possible to output to YouTube, Ustream and the like, with live webcam stuff as well as a constant stream with logos etc.

It’s what I originally planned for Radio Clash Live but my machines here couldn’t cope…we’ll see if this one can, I think it can 😀 So subscribe if you want to see that! Need 90 more…

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2 Responses to “Radio Clash Live YouTube Channel Needs YOU!”

  1. Bigue Nique says:

    Hi there! I subscribed to your stream!

    Did you actually manage to broadcast to YouTube or UStream using Liquidsoap?

    • Big Boss Big Boss says:

      No not tried it yet – I need more subscribers for YT Live, and it seems to use a LOT of CPU. I suspect it should be OK apart from Auth, not sure how you can auth. You can output to Gstreamer, and if you google you will see someone at Snowmix has apparently streamed from Gstreamer to YT, Ustream and Livestream. So I’m guessing you can at least go Liquidsoap > Gstreamer > YT etc.

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