C-C-Changes, or Radio Clash Live is dead, Long live Classic Bootleg Radio!

It’s been over two years since I started Radio Clash Live – the first incarnation of RCL came online via AirTime on 5th March 2013 – and it’s be a mad ride. Given the fact that I stopped the Radio Clash podcast last year, and other people ended their mix projects (notable exception: Ian Fondue with Lloydbrary, still going strong!) it seemed right to kill Radio Clash Live! Sad but the group effort didn’t really catch on, and if I’d known I’d be the only ‘live’ person on RCL, I’d never have called it Radio Clash Live! Seeing the Live part made me cringe for the last part of a year…

But from the ashes comes a new thing, phoenix like…I present to you – Classic Bootleg Radio! Same stream, same links, but part of the Bootleg Archive iniative.

From now on, all the tunes you hear on CBR are 100% classic bootlegs, mashups, bastard pop, mixes and NO talk – all pre-2007, so a lot of exclusives, forgotten dusty party starters, but all classics! No schedules, no boring blather from me, just 24/7 tunes.

I need to either rebuild or rebrand this site, or pull it – I dunno…but if you want to know more about the Bootleg Archive currently go to the Facebook page…especially if you have pre-2007 mashups to upload/share.

Radio Clash Live YouTube Channel Needs YOU!

Planning to experiment again with video & live streaming, and to that affect have setup a fresh YouTube channel for Radio Clash Live. Problem is, I need 100 subscribers apparently before live streaming is enabled on the account. So please if you want to help out (I never ask anything usually!) please go to the channel and click subscribe. Planning some cool stuff with Liquidsoap, as apparently it can stream out to GStreamer so should be possible to output to YouTube, Ustream and the like, with live webcam stuff as well as a constant stream with logos etc.

It’s what I originally planned for Radio Clash Live but my machines here couldn’t cope…we’ll see if this one can, I think it can 😀 So subscribe if you want to see that! Need 90 more…

Radio Clash Live on random

Radio Clash Live is on fully random for the time being because of a software bug which I’m waiting on Sourcefabric to fix, if ever. Seems a lot happier, though – isn’t disconnecting every 5-10-15 minutes now which is a start! Tempted to move away from Airtime, although it would be a lot of coding, because it’s been nothing but bug city since 2.4…

It’s A Fine Day…

People Fall From Windows, But Just for A Small While….la la la la.

Obtuse reason for that singalong is that Radio Clash Live has been upgraded to Airtime 2.4 which supports the new Opus codec…so I’ve changed the low quality stream to that format for a trial. Give it a spinamazing quality for only 64kbs stereo. Opus is also open source, works well with speech and music and internet telephony, and to my mind is the future (and also now a standard). With MP3 getting a little long in the tooth and not great for low quality, OGG never really taking off because it wasn’t different enough, AAC becoming the high-end radio of choice being the next DAB after frankly neolithic current MPEG2 but not that great at lower rates, and needing licenses, I can see Opus really cleaning up in the low-mid quality streaming sphere.

That link will work in Firefox (15 and above) and also VLC including Android beta, and apparently supported in Rockbox, HD Player IOS, GStreamer, ffmpeg, Winamp with a third party DLL, and sounds like Chrome and Opera soon to be next as they have partial support at the moment. Can’t see how Apple can claim to try and take over internet radio with iRadio without Opus support, unless it’s actually just another Pandora/Spotify clone…

Chat with us!

You might have noticed a little blue box (no, not a TARDIS) in the right hand corner – this is a chat window – come say hi, we don’t bite – especially during live shows!

Listen to Radio Clash LIVE!


Still sorting out the blog, but if you want to listen to Radio Clash LIVE try these links:

High Quality Stream M3U – should work iTunes, Winamp, VLC – if it doesn’t try the Shoutcast link, it seems to work best but is lower quality – Songbird will prefer this link though.
Low Quality Stream M3U – should work in TuneIn Android app, as well as good players mentioned above. Again Songbird might prefer this one.
Shoutcast 128kbs stream – this should work for all those players that are a little, well, dumb.

Note that some players might prefer you to just put in what’s called the Icecast mountpoints, so try http://listen.radioclash.com:8000/streamhigh and http://listen.radioclash.com:8000/streamlow instead – these play in the browser on the latest Safari, Firefox and Chrome for instance. It even works on a Pure Internet radio – add the full M3U link as a Custom Station in Pure Connect.

Or click on the player below, it’s Flash and HTML5-friendly depending on your browser.
The launch is on Wedneday 9:30pm 6th March GMT/UTC when Tim from Radio Clash will do a special 2 hour mix.