Classic Bootleg Radio is now broadcasting audio 24 hours, 7 days a week!

  • High Quality 192kbs Stream M3U – should work iTunes, Winamp, VLC,  Firefox 15+ natively – if it doesn’t try the Shoutcast link, it seems to work best but is lower quality – Songbird might prefer this link though
  • Low Quality Mono MP3 64k Stream M3U MP3 64kbs mono stream for mobile. – Should work iTunes, Winamp, VLC, Firefox version 15+ natively. Songbird and some players might prefer this link though
  • Low Quality Opus 64k Stream M3U [skhighlight color=”red”] NEW! [/skhighlight] I’m trialling the amazing new Xiph Opus codec at 64kbs stereo – it’s as good as 128kbs Mp3 at a fraction of the bandwidth. Should work in VLC (Android/desktop) or Firefox (15+) natively – just click on the link, should play in the page.
  • Shoutcast 128kbs stream – this should work for all those other players that are a little, well, dumb. Also if you have buffering problems, try the player above or this stream, seems the most stable of them.

You can also listen via these fine services/directories (which might work best for mobile, as some of these also have Android/IOS apps):

Note that some players might prefer you to just put in what’s called the Icecast mountpoints, so try and instead – these play in the browser on the latest Safari, Firefox and Chrome for instance. It even works on a Pure Internet radio – add the full M3U link listed above as a Custom Station in Pure Connect.

Or click on the player above, it’s Flash and HTML5-friendly depending on your browser/OS so should work on a variety of devices – and should play continously!