Month: June 2013

  • RIP Essexboy & Bastard! show tonight 9pm

    In honour of Grant Essexboy (RIP), podcaster and bootlegger extraordinaire, there’s a show tonight on Radio Clash at 9pm-00:30 BST called Bastard! Many bootleg memories, some of his bootlegs too, no talk just many bastard pop gems and a classic Superchunk from soundHog. Complete retro nostalgia of the early mashup scene (pre 2005) but given […]

  • It’s A Fine Day…

    People Fall From Windows, But Just for A Small While….la la la la. Obtuse reason for that singalong is that Radio Clash Live has been upgraded to Airtime 2.4 which supports the new Opus codec…so I’ve changed the low quality stream to that format for a trial. Give it a spin – amazing quality for […]

  • Beastles is Back!

    DROOOOOOOOOOOP! That’s the sound of the Beastles arriving, well probably with that THX style chord from The End mixed in…dj BC has released ‘Ill Submarine’ and mighty fine it is too. Downloady here, and also on Soundcloud (and also proud for Radio Clash to help mirror it – I like thumbing my nose at those […]

  • Sunday 9th is Beastles Day! Exclusive mixes from djBC & Ian Fondue

    With dj BC’s new Beastles album ‘Ill Submarine’ about to drop, he’s done an exclusive preview mix for Radio Clash Live which will be aired at 9pm British Summer TimeĀ  on Sunday – in fact I’ve declared Sunday 9th to be Beastles Day on RCL – there’s a special exclusive Beatles mix from Ian Fondue […]