Beastles is Back!


DROOOOOOOOOOOP! That’s the sound of the Beastles arriving, well probably with that THX style chord from The End mixed in…dj BC has released ‘Ill Submarine’ and mighty fine it is too. Downloady here, and also on Soundcloud (and also proud for Radio Clash to help mirror it – I like thumbing my nose at those Blue Meanies EMI because they C&D’d me back in the day…nyah nyah *raspberry*!)

These are my favourites:

OK a good sign of a mashup if it makes me smile. ‘Do You Want To Know A Secret?’ (which was already a silly song, sorry Beatles fans, it is – dunno why Lennon had a go at Macca’s ‘Granny Music’ when he penned that), pervy ST:NG and Red Dwarf samples and Intergalactic? *g*

Good intro to the album, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ always a ready made intro, with ‘No Sleep…’ certainly as I was scheduling the early morn on Radio Clash Live this was the most appropriate intro at 6am on Beastles Day. I’m guessing people might make it their alarm clock music….

Flying is strangely one of my favourite Beatles tracks, and it was written by Ringo! Early Moog-age too. Love this Macca sampling track, which chilled and eclectic wouldn’t be out of place on Paul’s Boutique…

Great tribute to MCA that ends the album, Don’t Let Me Down with some very laid back rapping…elsewhere on the album MCA says ‘I’m back from the dead!’ which even as a non-Beasties fan (it’s why I could ‘t tell you all of the Beasties tracks here), well it pulled me up sharp.

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