It’s A Fine Day…

People Fall From Windows, But Just for A Small While….la la la la.

Obtuse reason for that singalong is that Radio Clash Live has been upgraded to Airtime 2.4 which supports the new Opus codec…so I’ve changed the low quality stream to that format for a trial. Give it a spinamazing quality for only 64kbs stereo. Opus is also open source, works well with speech and music and internet telephony, and to my mind is the future (and also now a standard). With MP3 getting a little long in the tooth and not great for low quality, OGG never really taking off because it wasn’t different enough, AAC becoming the high-end radio of choice being the next DAB after frankly neolithic current MPEG2 but not that great at lower rates, and needing licenses, I can see Opus really cleaning up in the low-mid quality streaming sphere.

That link will work in Firefox (15 and above) and also VLC including Android beta, and apparently supported in Rockbox, HD Player IOS, GStreamer, ffmpeg, Winamp with a third party DLL, and sounds like Chrome and Opera soon to be next as they have partial support at the moment. Can’t see how Apple can claim to try and take over internet radio with iRadio without Opus support, unless it’s actually just another Pandora/Spotify clone…

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