Sunday 9th is Beastles Day! Exclusive mixes from djBC & Ian Fondue


With dj BC’s new Beastles album ‘Ill Submarine’ about to drop, he’s done an exclusive preview mix for Radio Clash Live which will be aired at 9pm British Summer Time  on Sunday – in fact I’ve declared Sunday 9th to be Beastles Day on RCL – there’s a special exclusive Beatles mix from Ian Fondue at 10pm (BST), and loads of Beatles related podcasts, mashups, remixes and tunes all day from 6am on Radio Clash Live including the 7 Radio Clash Beatles podcasts in sequence from 8am BST, and special Beatles/Beastles cover and mashup/remix Mix @ 6 shows at  6am and  6pm BST.

And of course exclusive previews of ‘Ill Submarine’ throughout the day! I just hope EMI isn’t listening…

Here’s the tracklist for the djBC mix:

  • djBC – No Sleep Til The Sun
  • djBC – Mother Nature’s Rump
  • djBC – Drive My Car Thief
  • djBC – Bellymovin
  • djBC – Hide A Little Something Away
  • djBC – Tripper Trouble
  • djBC – Move Prudence
  • djBC – I Feel Fine Right Now (Extended)
  • djBC – Glasses From The Night Before
  • djBC – Let It Beast
  • djBC – Flying In The Cut
  • djBC – Anna’s MCs
  • djBC – Don’t Let MCA Down
  • EDIT: You can now hear this mix on the Radio Clash Live Soundcloud!

And here’s the tracklist for the Ian Fondue mix of Beatles covers, which is part of a new series ‘Done to Death’ which will feature in future on Sunday nights on RCL in this very slot!

  • Junior Parker – Tomorrow never knows
  • The Brothers Johnson – Come together
  • The Free Design – Eleanor Rigby
  • The 5th Dimension – Ticket to ride
  • Ramsey Lewis – Day tripper
  • The Vibrations – And I love her
  • The 5 Stairsteps – Dear Prudence
  • Joe Goldmark – Penny Lane
  • Big Daddy – getting better
  • Easy Star Allstars ft Frankie Paul – Lucy in the sky with diamonds
  • Yellow Dubmarine – Something
  • Men About Town – Norweigan wood
  • Harvey Averne – I feel fine
  • Stevie Wonder – We can work it out
  • Mary Wells – Please please me
  • David Porter – Help
  • Black Heat – Drive my car
  • The Punkles – Hey Jude

Listen via the player above or via the Listen page.

EDIT: That was great – 400 of you popped by and listened – thanks! We got Boing Boinged –  thanks Cory – and as a thank you here’s the exclusive dj BC mix, where you can hear some of the new Beastles tracks!

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