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  • C-C-Changes, or Radio Clash Live is dead, Long live Classic Bootleg Radio!

    C-C-Changes, or Radio Clash Live is dead, Long live Classic Bootleg Radio!

    It’s been over two years since I started Radio Clash Live – the first incarnation of RCL came online via AirTime on 5th March 2013 – and it’s be a mad ride. Given the fact that I stopped the Radio Clash podcast last year, and other people ended their mix projects (notable exception: Ian Fondue […]

  • Radio Clash Live YouTube Channel Needs YOU!

    Planning to experiment again with video & live streaming, and to that affect have setup a fresh YouTube channel for Radio Clash Live. Problem is, I need 100 subscribers apparently before live streaming is enabled on the account. So please if you want to help out (I never ask anything usually!) please go to the […]

  • Radio Clash Live on random

    Radio Clash Live is on fully random for the time being because of a software bug which I’m waiting on Sourcefabric to fix, if ever. Seems a lot happier, though – isn’t disconnecting every 5-10-15 minutes now which is a start! Tempted to move away from Airtime, although it would be a lot of coding, […]

  • It’s A Fine Day…

    People Fall From Windows, But Just for A Small While….la la la la. Obtuse reason for that singalong is that Radio Clash Live has been upgraded to Airtime 2.4 which supports the new Opus codec…so I’ve changed the low quality stream to that format for a trial. Give it a spin – amazing quality for […]

  • Chat with us!

    You might have noticed a little blue box (no, not a TARDIS) in the right hand corner – this is a chat window – come say hi, we don’t bite – especially during live shows!

  • Listen to Radio Clash LIVE!

    Listen to Radio Clash LIVE!

    Still sorting out the blog, but if you want to listen to Radio Clash LIVE try these links: High Quality Stream M3U – should work iTunes, Winamp, VLC – if it doesn’t try the Shoutcast link, it seems to work best but is lower quality – Songbird will prefer this link though. Low Quality Stream […]